About Us


"To be one of the leading beverage companies in South- Asia region in terms of quality, innovation and value to stakeholders"


The year was 1988 when the foundation of one of the largest single foreign investment in Nepal was laid down. Today, Gorkha Brewery (P) Ltd. is a joint collaboration between Danish Multinational Company Carlsberg Breweries, Copenhagen, Denmark and leading Nepalese Business House-Khetan Group. In 2010, Carlsberg Group took over the management. Today Gorkha Brewery encompasses Carlsberg Beer, Tuborg Beer, San Miguel Beer, Tuborg Strong Beer and Gorkha Beer in its portfolio.

Gorkha Brewery took its first step in the beer industry of Nepal with introduction of Tuborg Beer in 1990 when Khetan Group took over the joint venture. Soon Carlsberg Beer followed in 1995 and Royal Danish Tuborg Strong Beer in 2002. Gorkha Brewery further extended its portfolio in 2004 with acquisition of San Miguel Beer (As per license agreement with San Miguel Brewing International Ltd., Philippines) and 2006 saw the launch of Flagship Brand of Gorkha Brewery, Gorkha Beer. Furthermore Gorkha Brewery diversified itself into a beverage company in 2006 with launch of Jolly Shandy & Jolly Lemonade followed by launch of Red Bull and Invenio Wines.

Carlsberg Brewery is the fourth largest brewery in the world and has demonstrated a strong performance driven mindset with a constant quest to innovate, understanding the consumer’s trend around the world and innovating our own brands to suit the consumers changing behavior. Established in partnership with Khetan group, Gorkha Brewery has now become a very important business for Carlsberg Group. Gorkha Brewery has won numerous awards in Carlsberg Group and few of them are the Golden Words Award 2005, which is given to the brewery in the world amongst the Carlsberg group for producing the highest quality of beer and in 2009 Gorkha Brewery was awarded with the Carlsberg Company of the Year for its outstanding performance. Gorkha Brewery’s importance in Carlsberg group is also not only due to our strong market position but also for the thirst of constantly excel in the way we serve beer to our consumer embracing the fact that customer and consumer are at the heart of every decision we make. As a market leader in Nepal, Gorkha Brewery is highly committed to keep up the momentum to constantly innovative which is expected to be a growth driver in the market. Carlsberg Group has been always supporting in this quest and is dedicated to give our consumers a superior drinking experience for its brands across the markets.

Gorkha Brewery over the last 25 years has been successful in becoming an integral part of Nepalese lives. The mantra behind this extraordinary success is the result of excellence in every arena: brewing beers of truly international standard, stringent quality control, efficient and nation-wide distribution, cutting edge marketing, sales strategies and prudent financial management. Adding that extra bit every time are the talented and dynamic people who work with the company.


Group Stand

The Carlsberg Group is a collection of great brands, great moments and, most importantly, great people. But the Carlsberg Group also has a unique personality.

Capturing this personality isn’t easy. But that’s what our Stand aims to do. It takes the essence of our identity and renders it in these 91 words:


Group Stand

Great people. Great brands. Great moments.

Founded on the motto, Semper Ardens – Always Burning – we never settle, but always thirst for better.

We are stronger together because we share best practices, ideas, and successes. We brand as many, but stand as one.

With the courage to dare, to try, to take risks, we constantly raise the bar.  We don’t stop at brewing great beer. We brew a greater future – for our consumers and customers, our communities, and our people.

This passion will continue to burn and forever keep us thirsty.


Taking in our shared heritage
The spirit of our founders J.C. Jacobsen and his son Carl Jacobsen is present in the Stand.

It includes one of Carl Jacobsen’s favourite mottos: Semper Ardens (Always Burning) and is a modern update of the ‘golden words’ that J.C. Jacobsen carved into the stonework of the original brewery in 1882.
The Golden words are very powerful and continue to be inspirational to all Carlsberg Group employees. You can still see the golden words when you visit our offices in Valby today.